10 December 2018

VEO Case Study: Collaborative Distance Learning

Learning Distance at Scale

VEO features innovative video-tagging technology and pre-defined tags highlight important events in video footage, allowing teachers and students to jump directly to key moments. Providing a blend of qualitative and quantitative data, VEO promotes reflection, feedback, learning and development. It allows users to revisit, analyse, share and discuss performance with colleagues in-person and online.

Wondering what this means in-practice? Our work with the National Institute for School Leadership and Growth Coaching International can give you an understanding of how VEO is used to optimise processes and improve business efficiency for distance learning providers. 

National Institute for School Leadership

The National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) uses VEO as part of its executive development programme for school superintendents and principals across the United States.

Since its founding in 2001, NISL has delivered an intensive, performance-centric training programme to 12,000 school leaders. In the context of NISL-certified training, VEO performs a range of functions across the learning and assessment processes.

VEO promotes reflection on best practice and facilitates the sharing of distance learning across geographically disperse locations. Users can observe and share classroom practice in real time, allowing for the efficient and effective dispersing of information. The technology allows for the capture and assessment of classroom practice, helping NISL-trained leaders provide evidence of impact during the programme.

When it comes to assessment, VEO allows NISL’s master faculty to evaluate the observations of both certification candidates and new facilitators. The innovative video-tagging system enables the sharing of best practice amongst NISL facilitators and ensures the reliability of programme assessors.

Larry Molinaro, Director of Curriculum & Operations at NISL has commented:

We see the potential for VEO as tremendous within the entire body of NISL work and our entire community of facilitators (as well as client organizations) is excited about the possibilities.

Learning Distance at Scale

VEO is currently being used by some of the world’s learning education providers to improve distance learning at scale.

Growth Coaching International

VEO is central to Growth Coaching International’s coaching and mentoring programme, which seeks to improve teaching and leadership capacity in rural schools across Australia. The technology provides a clear, objective focus for coaching conversations and facilitates the sharing of best practice across disperse locations. VEO provides structure for feedback discussions and encourages the sharing of learning; thus improving time and cost efficiency.

Jason Pascoe, Director of Growth Coaching International commented:

The flexibility, ease of use, tagging abilities and security of [VEO] have both supported and enhanced what we do in coaching in education as well as helped overcome any hesitance from the teaching profession […] we look forward to continuing our work with VEO and seeing the technology grow in Australia and New Zealand.

What could this mean for your business?

From facilitating distance learning and personal development, to ensuring fair assessment and encouraging the sharing of best practice, VEO performs a range of diverse functions. Wondering how VEO could help drive your business aims and efficiency?

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