19 March 2019

Using VEO to enhance student development

Within the education sector, VEO has helped add significant value to schools, colleges and universities by improving the learning and development of students, teachers and academic executives.

In particular, students across the world have been harnessing the power of VEO to take charge of their learning and improve their professional development.

In this blog, we have outlined the top five students benefits of using VEO in education.

Improving student development

Through VEO’s innovative video tagging capability, students are able to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for development can be easily identified – helping increase the prospect of further learning opportunities.

Simulation training

VEO enables students and academics to share constructive feedback as well as identifying opportunities for self-reflection. Whether you’re in a practical environment or more of a classroom-based setting, VEO enables learning to be reviewed and analysed quickly and effectively.

Peer review and coaching

Students are able to review and tag performances during classroom assessments – enabling them to analyse performance quickly and easily.  From here, students are able to share best practice among their peers.

Development of skills

VEO provides students with the capability to capture evidence of practical skills and this is great for assessment, moderation and sharing of good practice between students and staff.

Ease of use

Within an education environment, VEO provides students with a focused approach to learning and, in the process, provides a platform which is used to develop personal portfolios of practice.

5 key ways VEO can improve student development.

Case study:

Pupils at Ashington High School in the North East of England piloted the use of VEO for formative pupil assessment and feedback. In this video, you will see pupils are able to benefit from their teachers’ quick and easy access to examples of good and developing practice to illustrate clear expectations, highlight common mistakes, and improve pupil outcomes.

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