18 December 2018

Using VEO to enhance staff development and achieve cost savings

Are you a business leader looking to support staff development, create a coaching culture and improve working practices within your working environment? VEO is an innovative video-tagging system which combines video and data to encourage learning and development as well as giving businesses an objective way to analyse personal performance, or collate feedback.

Achieving staff development and cost savings with VEO

Within a corporate environment, VEO enables businesses to capture and record key working practices, ranging from meetings and presentations to sales and customer service.  VEO provides decisive and valuable feedback – ensuring companies efficiently achieve and track change whilst making considerable cost savings.

How to use VEO to enhance business performance

Since the company’s inception in 2013, VEO has helped a plethora of leading businesses improve their working practice – including LV= one of the largest insurance providers operating in the UK.

Tom Fowler, E-learning consultant at LV =, picks up the story:

“Our training team, claims manager community and leadership coaching team were the first groups to pilot VEO with great success:

  • Trainers are now recorded during training sessions to ensure that our accredited delivery standards are maintained
  • Our claims manager community are observed during team meetings and 1-2-1 sessions, and feedback is provided in order to maximise the effectiveness of these interactions
  • Our leadership coaching team are observed during coaching sessions with leaders, with feedback focused on using the right questioning techniques at the right time to get the best response and buy-in possible.

The user-friendly nature and easily adaptable system tags have really played a part with VEO becoming the norm in these areas. The ability to add weight to our feedback with video along with being able to instantly share best practice is something that wouldn’t have been made possible without VEO.”

Julie Smith, Leadership Development Manager at LV =, adds:

“VEO offers the opportunity of bringing a level of visible professionalism (to professional coaching). Now I am so often impressed with the coaching interaction that the balance of feedback is much improved. It enables the individual to build capability and confidence.”

Evolving your tag sets enables a further degree of stretch.  We now have a tag set which is largely based on the global ICF framework adding yet more credibility to the process and outcomes.”

If you’re a business manager looking to improve business practices, aid staff development as well as achieving considerable cost savings then discover how VEO can work for you.

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