29 January 2019

The benefits of VEO in education

VEO used for student presentation

Within the education sector VEO has enabled universities, schools and collages with the tools to improve the teaching and learning outcomes for students and teachers alike.

Through powerful video tagging software, VEO lets learners take charge of their professional development – enabling the reviewing and sharing of best practice to improve practice over time.

In doing so, VEO is currently trusted and used by many universities, schools and colleges – providing formative feedback for students and tutors alike as well as giving senior management a handle on the business of teaching.

As a result of this, there are numerous benefits for students, lecturers and senior management staff – these include:

Student Learning:

Student benefits: Using VEO’s unique tagging process, areas of excellence and aspects for development can be quickly and easily identified, increasing learning opportunities

Academic benefits: Gives lecturer’s an effective overview on student learning, allowing student-specific feedback to develop learning.  Also puts the power in the lecturers’ hands to illustrate effective tutoring, coaching and teaching & learning strategies, identifying their own strengths and areas for development

Education management benefits: Develop efficient and effective approaches to observation linked improvement in learning outcomes, student satisfaction and employability

Role-play / Simulation training:

Student benefits: Peer and assessor feedback alongside opportunities for self-reflection, enable process and human factors to be reviewed and analysed quickly and effectively

Academic benefits: Enables staff support of student reflection and ownership of skill development – providing timely and objective feedback and assessment

Education management benefits: Enables focus on organisation-wide improvement of learning and teaching, quality feedback and opportunities for self / peers / student reflection

Peer Review & Coaching:

 Student benefits: Tag performances for quick and easy review during practice and rehearsal

Academic benefits: VEO’s flexible tagging system can be modified to suit the needs and focus of individual lecturers, tutors, faculties, courses and departments

Education management: Cost effective means to connect all within the learning organisation

Process / Skill Competency:

Student and Academic benefits: Capturing evidence of practical skills – great for assessment, moderation and sharing of good practice between students and staff

Education management benefits: Saves time – presentation assessments can be undertaken individually and moderated through VEO. Student self and peer assessments can be designed to maximise impact on learning without overburdening teaching and supervisory staff

Ease of use:

Student benefits: VEO enables a focused approach to learning, providing a platform which is used to develop personal portfolios of practice

Academic benefits: Generate an exemplar bank of videos for staff to share best practice among staff & students with ease and clarity. What’s more, it encourages reflective peer support and coaching

Education management: A great tool for use across the organisation to help undertake student assessment, enabling evidence gathering for skill and competency development

Case study – VEO in action

To this end, Teesside University paramedics piloted the use of VEO for formative student assessment and feedback. Students across several Universities in the UK and abroad are now taking charge of their progress in vital practical and soft skills as they prepare for diverse careers in clinical, business and educational fields.



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