03 May 2019

How VEO enhances clinical training

VEO can be used to improve clinical training outcomes

In our previous blog, we discussed ways organisations can improve their clinical training and delivery programmes.

It goes without saying that in such a high-pressure environment, improving clinical practice is essential.

Whether it be through regular training catchups, peer-to-peer assessments or simulation training, there are numerous ways companies can enhance their training protocols.

Yet putting a structure in place to deliver high-quality training takes time, effort and resource. Given the budget constraints imposed on healthcare institutions, organisations are now looking for ways to streamline their training programmes, whilst maintaining quality output.

Let us explain how VEO can enhance clinical training 

VEO is an innovative video-tagging system which combines video and data to encourage learning and development as well as giving healthcare organisations an objective way to analyse personal performance and collate feedback.

VEO’s video tagging is revolutionising the way healthcare training happens by providing clear visibility on all aspects of learning and leadership across technical and non-technical skills.

Since the company’s inception in 2015, VEO has been helping some of the world’s leading healthcare institutions by personalising and analysing the learning journey of clinical practitioners and students alike.

Here we have listed 5 ways VEO can help improve clinical training:

Improving clinical development

Through VEO’s innovative video tagging capability, students and practitioners are able to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for development can be easily identified – helping increase the prospect of further learning opportunities.

Simulation training

VEO enables trainers and practitioners to share constructive feedback as well as identifying opportunities for self-reflection. In a practical environment, VEO enables learning to be reviewed and analysed quickly and effectively.

Peer review and coaching

Healthcare professionals are able to review and tag performances during clinical assessments – enabling them to analyse performance quickly and easily.  From here, practitioners are able to share best practice among their peers.

Development of skills

VEO provides learners with the capability to capture evidence of practical skills and this is great for assessment, moderation and sharing of good practice between healthcare professionals and training staff.

Ease of use

Within a clinical healthcare environment, VEO provides students with a focused approach to learning and, in the process, provides a platform which is used to develop personal portfolios of practice

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