The VEO App + Online Portal enable you to record video and gather data on what you see & hear. Click "NEXT" for a tour of the basic App functions. There is a separate walk-though of the "Online Portal" available to the left.Next ›

A user-defined tag-set is chosen, allowing specific events to be time-stamped while recording the video.Next ›

Once recording begins, the tags are used to identify key observations.Next ›

The buttons to the left and right of the screen represent the 'tags'. These are pressed to mark points in the video when specific events occur.Next ›

The detailed lists which pop-up enable the viewer to categorise these events as '+', '?' or '-', as required.Next ›

While the whole scene is recorded, the tags pressed create a timeline of events (shown here in the pop-up) making them easily accessible once the recording has ended.Next ›

As few or as many tags can be added during the recording as you wish.Next ›

VEO also tracks data continuously, the buttons along the bottom capture the amount of time each one is selected.Next ›

This helps the user track things like who is leading the conversation, and presents the results as a simple pie-chart.Next ›

The slider at the bottom of the screen also records a continuous measure on a percentage scale...Next ›

...producing a line graph which can be used to track things like student engagement for example.Next ›

At the end of the recording, the video can be viewed and tags annotated with further information and detail.Next ›

The simple data presentation stimulates and encourages reflection and professional dialogue.Next ›

From the review stage, videos can be easily uploaded to your secure VEO Portal where they can be shared with colleagues, further annotated and retrospectively tagged.Next ›

Find out more about the VEO Portal by clicking the link to the left.Contact us

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