The VEO Portal serves as a secure, encrypted repository of your uploaded VEOs. Here, you can also share your videos, comment upon and retrospectively tag any video that you have access to.Next ›

From your personal VEO page, you can view, search, share, tag and comment on your videos. Next ›

You can search for videos by keywords, names and tag-types Next ›

Click on a video to view the tags and information associated with it.Next ›

Here you can choose which tag session to view, Next ›

then skip through the video to key moments by clicking on the tags. These can be viewed as a timeline or by group.Next ›

You can access all data recorded with the VEO App and add further comments.Next ›

You can share your video with other VEO users within your organisation.Next ›

Tags, notes and comments can be added retrospectively by you and by those you share the video with…Next ›

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