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The Story – How an idea became reality

In 2013, Jon and Paul began to collaborate over shared ideas – tagging video to create networks of practice, based around accessible video clips. They had common goals – to make it easy to learn from visual reality.

In 2014, prototyping with Newcastle University began. This creative period was a fantastic opportunity to embed theory within the app – maximising the value of video and data for knowledge creation.

The prototype’s release led to an overwhelmingly positive response from educators, trainers, HR and operations managers. VEO’s full potential became clear: Video Enhanced Observation could drive value, reduce costs and enhance performance and quality – at scale – across virtually any sector.

2015 saw VC investment and the appointment of Paul Stonebanks as Non-Exec Director. The award-winning entrepreneur was a perfect fit. The ethos of his innovative and growing training company, AIS, matches our own. VEO aims to continuously push boundaries to meet customers’ needs.

September 2015 sees VEO launch its secure video and data portal. We will continue to release further developments to maximise the power of convenient video and data at distance. Sharing and interaction will enhance and embed learning on a global scale.

Paul Miller, Co-Founder & CEO

Paul is experienced at creating and implementing large scale training strategies. He is interested in the transformative potential of technology-based networks for changing mind-sets and practice. His innovative models for achieving improvement and learning have combined insights from the corporate world with experience working across challenging educational environments in West Africa.

Jon Haines, Co-Founder & Director

Jon is a lecturer and teacher trainer at Newcastle University, with 18 years of teaching & leadership experience. Having also worked in industry, with experience of project management, customer relations, process audit and quality assurance, Jon has a deep understanding of both organisational and personal learning & development needs.

VEO is a Registered Company, Company number 09477608, Registered Office Address: Ye Olde Hundred, 69 Church Way, North Shields, England, NE29 0AE.

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