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Sectors VEO works in

VEO's focus on efficiency and professional performance leads to improved organisational outcomes whatever your field.

Continuous learning is key for all organisations. VEO technology enhances and spreads learning in a practical, user-friendly way, transforming evidence to insight to knowledge. Across all sectors, VEO helps you meet and exceed your goals - whether increasing revenue, maximising educational value or improving patient outcomes.

We are working with experts to fulfil demand in the following fields
– if your sector is not listed we'd love to talk to you.


Nursery, Primary, Secondary, K12, University, Vocational, Professional


Sales, Customer service, Financial Services, HR Functions, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Training.


Medical Education, GP Training, Paramedic Training, Counselling, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy.

VEO is fully adaptable to your needs – contact us to let us know
your specific requirements.

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Continuous Improvement At Your Fingertips.
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