Continuous Improvement At
Your Fingertips


Why choose VEO

Improve quality

Using VEO, you instantly help teachers build knowledge and understanding of their own practice to improve pupil learning. Teachers love using VEO as they see quick results. 

Support, Review and Share

Continuous improvement works best in a culture of regular and supportive feedback; VEO encourages teachers to share videos, favourites, comments and key moments via the online portal. The online portal acts as a social network between your teachers enabling best practise to be shared and developed with ease. Teachers also 'own' their video/data portfolios and their CPD!

Attractive pricing

With prices starting from as little as £1 per month per teacher it really can fit with any budget. VEO can also be used with and by your students to enhance learning and record achievements - affordably priced at under 49p per student per month.

VEO in use

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Key Benefits

Quick Install

VEO is easy to install, just download the app, log in to the Portal, and you're ready to go.

Easy Access

Allows quick, easy access to key moments for reflection and review.

Capture Video

Captures video and data of teaching & learning to illuminate classroom practice.


Supports teachers' desire to improve by identifying areas of good practice and areas for development.


Tracks performance and development over time.

Reflect & Review

Encourages teachers to reflect on their own and each other's classroom practice.

Individual development

Provides personal, individually focused CPD.


Develops & supports professional dialogue, encouraging collaboration and sharing of good practice.

VEO has been designed with teachers' needs in mind - as a practical tool to improve classroom learning.

Cost-effective and flexible - increase the impact of INSET by encouraging a more personal approach to CPD.

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Continuous Improvement At Your Fingertips.
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