Continuous Improvement At
Your Fingertips

How it works

Continuous Improvement At Your Fingertips

Signing Up

You're set up with a unique VEO portal, a secure, cloud-based service hosted by Amazon Web Services.


We help you customise tags to your needs.

Get Started

Trainees and practitioners are set up within individual user accounts via email link and they download the app.


Care activities are recorded, with key moments tagged and reviewed by colleagues and managers using the VEO app. Video and data is uploaded to the portal.

VEO is intuitive and easy to use. Just sign up, download the app and
you're ready to go. Our account managers will support you every
  step of the way.

A quick and easy process

VEO is designed to be as intuitive as possible. We want the experience and benefits to be created and owned by you, the experts. An account manager is available to guide you through any of these steps. However, if you feel that embedding VEO throughout your organisation requires specialist advice, please contact us as we can offer a very reasonable consultancy service.

Continuous Improvement At Your Fingertips.
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