Continuous Improvement At
Your Fingertips

VEO in a nutshell

Observe & Tag

Record key video and data of process, performance and interaction for quick and easy evaluation.


Key insights are shared, promoting enhanced efficiency and quality within a culture of innovation.


VEO drives improvement across all areas that are critical to patient experience and outcomes.

Improvement in healthcare requires performance in technical and non-technical skills to be continually communicated and honed.

VEO's flexible system provides clear video and statistical evidence to pinpoint potential shortcomings while extending frontline innovations across the service.

Working with Hospital and University partners has helped tailor VEO to the demands of healthcare improvement. VEO works for paramedic training, non-technical skills, high-pressure simulations, nurse handover, counselling and speech and language therapy, to name a few. Our app and portal delivers the clear information required to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Continuous Improvement At Your Fingertips.
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